One Weird Reason Why More Millionaires Are Made During Recessions

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on 02/27/2012 Samuel said
Dan, I'm in visual arts.
on 02/27/2012 Pete Gustis said
Im in the commercial and residential real estate business.
on 02/27/2012 Martin said
I intend to go into the candle making business
on 02/27/2012 tony said
just became a joint venture broker
on 02/27/2012 Scott said
I'm reentering the mortgage business after a year off.
on 02/27/2012 Reg Gupton said
I am in. And in the marketing coaching business.
on 02/27/2012 kristi linebaugh said
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on 02/27/2012 Nadia said
Dan, I export and distribute accessories and costume jewelry to Australia, England and France
on 02/27/2012 Tony Alessandra said
Dan, I'm in the relationship business first! Secondly, I help individuals, families and business owners protect "their stuff" from fire, theft, frivolous lawsuits etc... by providing them with the proper insurance program for their home, auto & businesses.
on 02/27/2012 Aaron Bernstein said
Dan, I do spreadsheet analysis
on 02/27/2012 ned said
network marketing
on 02/27/2012 Maxwell Tyers said
Hi Dan, I am in the Marine business, an inventor and entrepreneau
on 02/27/2012 Elizabeth said
am in insurance busines
on 02/27/2012 Anna said
I'm an Illustrator + Designer.
on 02/27/2012 John said
I'm in the health food industry
on 02/27/2012 Helen Basett said
Dan,I have a greeting card company 99% my designs & artwork, primarily wholesaling to retailers, and a website selling direct to public. I want to increase sales in both area. Hungry for your vides, Thank you, kind regards, Helen
on 02/27/2012 David said
Dan,I'm in the Network Marketing Industry.
on 02/27/2012 Judy said
I am in the speaking business
on 02/27/2012 Jim said
I am in a business to better equip businesses to utilize their strengths.
on 02/27/2012 carol said
Dan, I am in the lawyering business